"Hello! Thank you for your interest in the house on Dry Skull Road. The house is fully furnished and recently remodeled. The property was just conveyed to the local bank and they are selling it for a very reasonable price. I hope you dig it! P.S. Don't let the name scare you. The road was nothing but a farm once upon a time, that's all. I promise it will be every bit as "groovy" as your place in the city."

After a long drive, you arrive at the house late into the night. You decide to check the place out a little before sleeping off your driving fatigue. The large house is fully furnished and in good condition but there are a few discrepancies: there is a locked room in the corner of the house, the attic seems to have had the pull string cut, and there is even a damaged wall in the basement, shoddily repaired with boards and boxes.

Now too sleepy to carry on, you lie down to sleep only to be woken by a knock on the window. A note has been slid through the slit in the window. It warns you of the others in the house. It's been a long time since they have eaten, and they each have their favorite "foods". To survive, you may have to offer them parts of yourself. Your teeth, your hair. I hope you weren't too "attached" to them. You won't be for long. The doors and windows are locked and there is no way out. The note has promised to help you to escape. You just have to find a way to survive. Make your offering to them. Give them your pound of flesh. Or they will take much more than that.